Intellectual Property – Selling royalties in business

In the world’s economy, the potential for creating new wealth through the definition of intellectual property and the subsequent utilisation of trademarks is enormous. Intellectual capital is very high but often remains unexploited due to the average entrepreneur’s lack of planning. By Matteo Turi What makes a company of exceptional value? Plan your path to

Damascena – A film about the Bulgarian Dream

Poetess Maria Laleva debuts as a screenwriter and producer. By Georgi Toshev   The new Bulgarian feature film “Damascena” is expected to be among the most watched titles this winter in Bulgaria. It is entirely filmed with private resources and is based on a true story. The main character is a common boy, born and

Bulgarian folklore, embroidery and wines in Amsterdam

‘’We also gave something to the world …” These words are very often heard during celebrations of remarkable events from Bulgarian history and culture. Bulgaria ranks third in the world by number and variety of cultural-historical monuments. Seven civilizations have developed intensively throughout the last 4,000 years in today’s Bulgarian land. But do we really know

Our digital footprints

What does our online behaviour reveal? Who is interested in it and why? Are we witnessing the birth of a digital Big Brother? Will the ever growing pool of online data help improve our lives? Vesselin Popov, Director of Business Development at Cambridge University’s Psychometric Centre (a multidisciplinary research institute specialising in online behaviour, psychological

The outsourcing in Bulgaria – an alternative for young people

With the continous development of communication technologies, it is no longer a problem to build information bridges between countries around the world. This removes barriers and gives the chance to international companies to be innovative and flexible. In recent years, Bulgaria has become an excellent opportunity for many companies whose activities are related to outsourcing

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