“At the age of 27 he became the most popular person in Bulgaria. Now he is 75 but he continues to be that same person! As we walked through his memories, I wondered how such popularity was retained. What has happened over the years with this beloved artist, a liked man, a consistent politician and a generous professor? Standing face to face with your memories is a privilege of the brave. To arrange the puzzle of meetings, feelings, worries, success, disappointments … and loneliness is an effort. It’s an effort of the heart and the soul. I envy Stefan Danailov for the ease with which he passes through the vulnerability of time. This book is a confession of love for the audience. It is the novel of his life!”

This is how the journalist and producer Georgi Toshev presents his work as a co-author of the long-awaited biography of the great Bulgarian actor Stefan Danailov. The book came out on the Bulgarian book market on the eve of its 75th anniversary.

We doubt that there is a Bulgarian who does not know Stefan Danailov – the beautiful charismatic Bulgarian actor. On December 9, 2017, over 800 people applauded the birthday artist in the big hall of the National Theater “Ivan Vazov”. Among the guests in the audience were Presidents Rumen Radev, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Yordanka Fandakova – Mayor of Sofia, Tsvetka Karayancheva – President of Parliament, countless representatives of state power, colleagues, admirers. A pleiad of actors was the first to congratulate the Mr.Danailov. His students exploded in joyous choir singing of “Happy Birthday, Master!”, which made the actor stand up as a sign of appreciation. For the first time at his jubilee, Stefan Danailov preferred to not be on the stage but to sit in the audience, which, as he explains, always supported and loved him. Decorating the event were the alternating video sequences with scenes from films such as “Ah, these women”, “Traces remain”, “Ivan Kondarev” and others that reminded of the amazing career of the actor, and various excerpts from the book “The novel of my life”, which were read by Marian Marinov, Bashar Rahal, Ivan Bernev and Vladislav Karamfilov-Vurgala and others. At the end, a special greeting was the song by Tom Jones Sex Bomb performed by Darin Angelov and Deyan Angelov – a kind of hymn to all Danailov’s graduates, who, during the years of training, were motivated by his teacher to be successful and self-confident on the stage.

Minister Banov awarded Professor Stefan Danailov with the ‘’Order of the Golden Age’’ of the Ministry of Culture for a full contribution in the field of cinema, theater and culture.

The last word in the emotional show, of course, was of the the man of the night Stefan Danailov:

“I’ve always treated with love the people who have applauded me on stagе, who have applauded me at a rally. I have done it from my heart and not because someone has made me do it. Thank you! “(…)” Most of all, thanks to all of you who contributed to my life so he can be what Is it today when I am 75 years old, although I say I am 750. Hey people, I have lived a lot! I’ve seen a lot! I’ve eaten a lot, I’ve drunk a lot.”

“And as New Year arrives, I want to wish you to be well, healthy and smiling! Smile, people, is very important.”

It is almost sure that the most popular and beloved actor Stefan Danailov wasn’t able to open all of his presents, but he certainly made the most appropriate reverance to his audience by offering the people in the theatre the beautiful edition of ‘’The novel of my life’’, co-authored with Georgi Toshev.

The end of the spectacle in the National theatre Ivan Vazov can be seen here.

Photo credit: Asen Tonev