Six ways to ensure a worry free trip.
By Asen Nedyalkov

Nowadays, the journey has become an important part of our daily life. People are traveling for working purposes, on holidays, to visit relatives, and for many other reasons. If we talk about Bulgaria, for example, last year the number of passengers at the biggest airport in Sofia increased by 30%. This is similar to other airports, and the number of low-cost airlines has increased, which is making travel accessible to wider circles of people.

The widespread use of the internet and smartphones allows you to compare prices and offers quickly and easily and to get the best service at the best price. People are looking for more comfort and freedom in their travels, and this is where a service – rent a car – fits in. Specialised reports on the topic envisage that the global car rental market will grow by as much as 113% by 2022. Key drivers include growth in international tourism, economic growth and rising disposable income.

Nowadays, it is now extremely easy to get a rental car as soon as you arrive at an airport in Bulgaria. Here are our “Top tips”:

1. Make your reservation via the Internet in advance
It is true that there are many car rental companies where you can hire a vehicle but not all of them are very reliable. In addition, if you decide to hire a car directly on the spot, there is a possibility of no car available at your preferred class or prices have risen. So just take a few minutes while you sit comfortably at home and book online. Every serious car rental company has an optimised website and contact centre with a seamless booking process. For example, the Bulgarian company Top Rent A Car has an excellent website with the possibility of prepaying the reservations with detailed information, both for the service and for the video of the cars themselves. It is one of the few Bulgarian companies that guarantee the brand, the model, the year of production, the fuel, the availability of embedded navigation or other extras of the car for most of the car classes.

2.Choose a safe and reliable car rental company that has transparent and clearly described rental terms and rates
It is very easy to check when booking online and comparing offers. Pay attention to what is included in the price. Sometimes the price looks good, but it does not include “hidden” charges which arise locally: for example winter tyres, insurance, and other extras.

3. Good customer rating
Fortunately, you can check the quality of the service without trying it out. You can get information from customer reviews from personal and independent websites like Review Center, Trust Pilot, and others.

4. Take out insurance
It is always preferable to hire with insurance. This also applies to Bulgaria, where the risks on the roads are bigger.

5. Always chose a car rental from a company which has more offices and wide national coverage
So you are sure that if you need or have a problem with the car, you will have quick support and a quickly delivered replacement car. A large call centre is always an advantage. A call centre can always answer all your questions and give valuable advice in case of road problems. Here again we can give you an example with the Bulgarian company Top Rent A Car, which has 12 offices including at all airports and a fleet with over 1200 vehicles.

6. Pay attention to the rental agreement
Always check which contract you have to sign, if the company’s data is clear, whether you receive a cash receipt or invoice, if you will be serviced with a credit or debit card. It is still common for some companies in Bulgaria to prefer cash payments and not to issue the necessary documents as cars are registered with individuals.