Promoting Bulgarian business

Interview with Tanya Koicheva,
Head of Economic and Commercial Department at the Bulgarian Embassy in London
By Aneta Nedyalkova

What are the main areas of cooperation with the Bulgarian business community in the UK?
The Bulgarian business community in the UK is numerous, diverse and very active. There are hundreds of companies of our compatriots registered in the country. Most of them work in the field of services, but also in production enterprises. Bulgarian entrepreneurs are ambitious, headstrong and motivated. Their contribution to the development of the economy was also noticed by the London Mayor’s team. The Bulgarian book store “Once Upon a Time” was given as an example of an innovative and creative entrepreneurial approach in a film about the achievements of European citizens.

The purpose of each Economic and Commercial Department is to develop opportunities for the easier and more successful operation of Bulgarian business. What were the most significant events in 2018?
The main objectives were to promote Bulgarian exports, to increase British investments in Bulgaria and to provide assistance to Bulgarian companies to start business here. Within the framework of the Bulgarian EU Presidency, Deputy Minister of Economy Alexander Manolev is talking with British government institutions and presenting to the leading financial and banking institutions the advantages of doing business in Bulgaria. A joint SME development programme was launched with the London Stock Exchange.

How does the Office of Commercial and Economic Affairs help businesses?
The Office provides information on procedures for registering companies, legal and tax requirements, conditions for hiring staff, opening a bank account, and so on. We support contacts with intermediaries, importers, distributors and investors.

What are the highlights for 2019?
We will work actively to increase the market share of Bulgarian goods and services. We organise business meetings, participation of Bulgarian companies in exhibitions and conferences here, visits of British importers to Bulgaria and individual assistance to our export companies. We deepen the relations with the regional chambers of commerce and strengthen the contacts with Bulgarian students.
I hope the New Year will bring health and prosperity to all Bulgarian entrepreneurs and their families who share the joys and risks of their ventures in a highly competitive environment. I believe that with their achievements each of them contributes to preserving the Bulgarian spirit and traditions.

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