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Sitting in the Power and how it benefits spiritual growth

Silence, the perception of time and why it adds value to spiritual practices and general wellness.

Zoning Out in silence or sitting in the power

For as long as I can remember, I have found peace in sitting alone, and “zoning out”. In fact teachers all through school used to ask me “are you ok? You look lost”. Friends when on holiday as a young adult used to ask me how I could sit on the sofa for an hour and just be in thought, “staring into space”, you may even call it daydreaming… Little did I know, I had been “sitting in the power” all this time. I just needed to be out my head or body. I could be in a busy environment, relaxing in company, or alone.

How many of you do, or have done this even unintentionally?

When looking for scientific research on ‘sitting in the power’ there was none to find, however a little insight can be linked to other terms such as “silence” instead to help understand this spiritual practice and what it is. We shall explore the difference between this and meditation.


The silent treatment - holds the power

Interestingly, a research review article by Pfiefer and Wittmann (2020)  also shows that silence and perception of time is invaluable “the new luxury” and “lasts longer than other luxuries”, I have to say I agree. Time as we know it is man made. Removing time and external, environment noise, and mind chatter allows us to focus on internal wellbeing and encourage relaxation. It encourages us to sit in our own energy and power to come to our own conclusions of our own internalisations and existence. Another review paper by Acheson and Avdi (2023), suggests that silence in psychosomatic therapy cannot always be explained, and whilst there are three areas being researched in this field: silence as defense; silence as connection; and silence as withdrawal. More knowledge and studies are important to understand silence as a phenomenon - there appear to be more questions than answers. Kent and Whittman (2021), looks at exploring the missing links such as time in the neural model consciousness. This missing link would investigate beyond the present moment and extended moments in time as there is no definitive theory beyond short and static moments of consciousness, and for future predictions.

When looking for a definition of ‘sitting in the power’ it was not easy to come by, there is no academic description. To me, a spiritualist and psychic medium, it means: connecting to your own soul to then connect to become one with the Universal life force energy, the Divine, the higher realm, angelic realm that some may call God; and becoming one. This, I believe, enables one to live in acceptance and in the present moment; avoiding resistance and discontent. Your soul  and the Universal energy blend together to create this level of consciousness. This energy has been here forever, and you can tap into it whenever you wish, it is infinite. The level or frequency at which your own energy vibrates attracts the frequency of the energy around you and how conscious you are, Hawkins (2020). 


Sitting in the Power of Silence and How it Differs from Meditation

In the ever-evolving quest for spiritual and mental well-being, various practices have gained prominence for their unique benefits. Among these practices, "Sitting in the Power" and traditional meditation stand out for their profound impacts on the mind, body, and spirit. While they share some similarities, they cater to different aspects of personal development and spiritual growth. This article explores the benefits of ‘sitting in the power’ and contrasts it with meditation to understand how each can be harnessed for holistic well-being.

Understanding Sitting in the silence as  Power  

Sitting in the Power is a spiritual practice rooted in mediumship and spiritual development. It involves creating a deep connection with one's inner self and the higher realms, focusing on the power and presence of the spirit. This practice is often used by mediums to enhance their sensitivity and connection to the spirit world. The process typically involves entering a state of stillness and awareness, allowing the practitioner to attune to the energy and power within and around them.

Benefits of Sitting in the Power of silence 

Enhanced Spiritual Connection:

Sitting in the Power helps individuals deepen their connection with their own spirit and the spiritual realms. This connection can lead to heightened intuition, better understanding of one's life path, and increased sensitivity to spiritual guidance, and accessing the Akashic records (energetic library of memories, truths and purpose of your Souls records through images and feelings past, present and potential future timelines).

 Inner Peace and Clarity:

 The practice fosters a sense of inner peace and mental clarity. By sitting in stillness and focusing on the power within, individuals can quiet their minds, reduce mental chatter, and achieve a state of calmness.

Energy Balance and Healing:

 Sitting in the Power can balance and harmonize one's energy. This balance promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, leading to overall well-being.

Heightened Awareness:

Practitioners often experience an increased awareness of their surroundings and their inner world. This heightened awareness can enhance creativity, problem-solving abilities, and emotional intelligence.

Strengthened Mediumship Abilities: 

 For those interested in mediumship, Sitting in the Power is an essential practice. It helps mediums build a stronger connection with the spirit world, improving their ability to receive and interpret messages from the other side.

Understanding Meditation 

Meditation, on the other hand, is a broader practice with various forms and techniques. It involves focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years across different cultures and spiritual traditions, and its benefits are well-documented. In fact read my Meditation article to understand more fully. 

Comparing Sitting in the Power and Meditation

While both Sitting in the Power and meditation aim to cultivate a state of inner peace and awareness, they differ in their approach, purpose, and outcomes.

Purpose and Focus :

   - Sitting in the Power : Primarily focuses on spiritual development and enhancing one's connection to the spirit world. It is often used by mediums and those on a spiritual path to deepen their sensitivity and attunement to spiritual energies.

  - Meditation:

 Has a broader purpose, ranging from stress reduction and mental clarity to emotional well-being and physical health. It can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or intentions.

Techniques and Approach :

   - Sitting in the Power : Involves sitting in stillness, focusing on the inner power and presence, and attuning to spiritual energies. The practice emphasizes the connection with the higher self and the spirit world.

   -  Meditation : Encompasses various techniques, including mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and more. Each technique has its own specific focus, whether it's on breath, mantra, body sensations, or loving-kindness.

Outcomes and Experiences :

   - Sitting in the Power : Leads to a deeper spiritual connection, heightened awareness, and enhanced mediumship abilities. The experiences are often more spiritual and transcendental in nature.

   - Meditation : Results in reduced stress, improved concentration, emotional balance, and physical health benefits. The experiences are often centered around mental and emotional well-being.

Suitability :  

- Sitting in the Power: Best suited for those on a spiritual journey, particularly mediums and individuals seeking a deeper connection with their spiritual self and the spirit world.

  - Meditation : Suitable for anyone looking to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health. It is a versatile practice that can be adapted to various needs and preferences.


Both ‘Sitting in the Power’ and meditation offer unique benefits that can enhance one's overall well-being. While ‘Sitting in the Power’ is a specialized practice aimed at spiritual development and mediumship, meditation is a versatile tool that can address a wide range of mental, emotional, and physical health needs. By understanding the differences and benefits of each practice, individuals can choose the one that best aligns with their personal goals and needs. Whether seeking a deeper spiritual connection or simply looking to reduce stress and improve focus, incorporating these practices into daily life can lead to profound and lasting positive changes. So now If I was sitting in silence and  to be told “you look lost”,  I’d say, “no, I am just going inside, connecting with my higher consciousness ,and trusting the Divine and Spirit world to help me find the answers”.

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