Ivelin Kandov of Sunny Florida: “Life Is A Theatre Scene”

 By Aneta Nedyalkova  | ART | 

“I started out as a child with a hobby, but even then I wanted to make things perfect”

Ivelin has tried many jobs - a bartender, a driver, a trader, a businessman and a journalist.

When he joined a media team, he realised he had once again discovered “the scene”. In 2000 he won a “green card” and moved to the United States with his wife. Starting from electrical installation support at one of the largest US stores, he is now in a managerial position. Ivo is also an outstanding artist without ever having had formal tuition. He works with wood, steel and leather, creating miniatures, sculptures and furniture.

I’m constantly changing - yesterday I saw discarded pieces of wood and metal pipes. Metal and wood? Yet in one corner of the pile I could see they had formed the shape of a perfect female body!