A New Exhibition by South London Women Artists

An abstract painting of a mountainside with a mix of beige, pink, and red colours with vague black outlines.

Artwork by Raechel Tullett

Art Space, St Marylebone Parish Church 25th April – 29th May

In an extensive new exhibition of paintings, sculptures, textiles and glass work, art collective SLWA explore the need for empathy, loving kindness and a fairer society.

Promotional poster with dark blue background with the words "Compassion. South London women artists shed light on our most imminent need for empathy and action. Private View: 23 April 2024, 5–8 PM. RSVP: Exhibition 25 April – 29th May 2024." Photographs of twelve art piece by twelve different artists follow. Then, the poster concludes with the location of Art Space, St. Marylebone Parish Church, NW1 5LT and the opening times of Monday–Friday 1–8 PM, Saturday 9 AM–5 PM, and Sunday 8 AM–4 PM.

The exhibiting artists are Caroline Arno, Carry Hornby, Dil Vahidova, Emma Eden, Heidi Seetzen, Kay Davies, Michelle Baharier, Paola Minekov, Raechel Tullett, Tanaz Assefi, Veena Scialo and Virrgo.

From sensitive portraits to dramatic abstracts and enchanted landscapes, ‘Compassion’ hints at stories close to the artists. Some are serenely biblical, others evoke ancient magic.

Artist Carry Hornby says of ‘Glowing Wisdom’, found below, ‘This painting presents as a source of strength to all who are going through life’s valleys and think there is no way out. The words of wisdom will come to you and guide you through the dark path into the light if you seek for it.’

A painting of an open, wordless book with a lit candle above it casting a vibrant reddish-orange glow over the book.

Glowing Wisdom by Carry Hornby

Chairwoman Michelle Baharier, whose hair is as colourful as her visceral paintings, is a disability activist with lived experience of disability. In ‘How do I Make You Feel’, image below, she invites us to show compassion for others. ‘I am a disabled woman, people often move away from me when I tell them I experience mental distress. I am dyslexic and I have a damaged spine. “How do I Make You Feel” is about that fear people show me via their eyes, as they jump backwards.’

Michelle is ‘fighting to make the world a more inclusive place for all’, and this commitment to compassionate activism is shared by several exhibiting artists, including Tanaz Assefi. When Tanaz isn’t creating dreamy, enigmatic pictures, she’s advocating for Iranian women and running art therapy workshops across London.

Kindness by Tanaz Assefi

In ‘Sirhan’, Emma Eden immortalises a friend who has devoted his life to caring for his mother. Sometimes compassion is complex; she feels ‘compassion for his compassion, as much as anything’.

A realistic painting of a man with a brown beard, greyish eyes, and a blue beanie and pullover, offset by a sunflower yellow background.

Sirhan by Emma Eden

In her digital portrait ‘Dispersed’, Paola Minekov captures the feeling of anticipation and hope that comes with the thought of a future full of possibilities. She says, ‘I wanted to convey a sense of hope and optimism and a timeless representation of life’s fragility and beauty.’

A drawing of a multitude of multicoloured lines combining and diverging to create a minimalist depiction of the head of a beautiful young woman.

Dispersed by Paola Minekov

‘Overcoming’ by Veena Scialo was created at a time when a record number drowned while attempting to flee Syria and other areas of conflict. This remains an issue today. Above the horizon we see a chain of hands forming a bridge of compassion, a symbol of humanity reaching out and supporting one another.

A painting of a sombre sea with a chain of holding hands above the horizon.

Overcoming by Veena Scialo

Well worth a visit, ‘Compassion’ is an engaging exhibition that leaves the viewer with much to think about!

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