Nine strategies to successfully quitting the day job and launching you own business.

Have you or a loved one had a brush with cancer or some other nasty disease that made you think “Why me?” and “If I get out of this alive, I’m doing things differently!”

Amazing how many get that kick up the butt however still slip back into the same rut and live life just as they did before the doors of death nearly got them.

Do you want to do it differently?

Many women realise that making money is not enough. And when you consider how many women over 50 earn less and are turned down for promotion, you can see why many meet the middle of their lives with an itch to do things differently.

Realising they are fed up with fitting someone else’s definition of a good workplace and crave the freedom to do what they want when they want. To go to Pilates on a Thursday afternoon and still make enough money to pay the bills and holiday 3 times a year.

They get that Eureka moment that says, “If not now then when?” And that’s one of my favourite questions to ask clients.

Did you know women contribute £85 billion (approx.) to the annual economic output in the UK while 82% of women have considered setting up their own business compared to 71% of men only 1 in 5 make the jump into self-employment.

And I know why!

I’ve helped grow over 10,000+ businesses large and small. I’ve coached 6 women to become millionaires and more importantly, I’ve helped many appreciate that it’s possible and it can be a reality far faster than they realise.

Read on and I will share what stands in your way, how to eradicate obstacles and what you need to do to become a happy business owner, pursuing your passion, smashing the glass ceiling, financially independent and doing what you want when you want.

  1. I can build you the best business model, the most amazing marketing strategy, get you the best products and services at the perfect prices and you will still damage your results without confidence”. Many think they are confident, and I can quickly assess if this is true. If you are confident in some environments but not others, that’s external confidence. You need internal confidence. The kind that doesn’t go up and down like me on a rollercoaster.

You are going to have people dismiss you, say no to you and tell you that you’re delusional. If you lack confidence, you will quickly slip back into that rut and think “It’s not for me, I can’t do it.” The first thing you need is that confidence and then you need…

2. Can do attitude! No one in business knows it all, so you need to have the mindset that says, “Whatever I need, I will find it.” The clever entrepreneurs learn quickly to ask for help. And how powerful that is.

3. Absolute belief – you can call it faith, mindset, I don’t much care, but I do care that you absolutely believe in yourself. That you understand that this is possible. If you do my Quit the day job (1) course you will know I ask a lot of questions. Here’s a few to consider;

· On a scale of one to ten how confident do you feel to pick up the phone and ask for the business?

· Someone has shown interest in your business, on a scale of one to ten how confident do you feel to follow up and succeed in that follow-up?

· You are petrified of tech and government departments and all that paperwork – how confident do you feel that you can learn to do that – on a scale of one to ten?

Do you see how important confidence, can-do mindset and absolute belief are?

Now on to practical needs…

4. Do your research. Asking your mates, Nan, or Facebook friends if they’d buy your products and services is not market research. Alas, I’ve seen far too many women who asked the wrong people for their views on their products and went on to waste thousands on the wrong business model, the wrong potential customers, and the wrong marketing and feel like, giving up, until they spoke to me, and we fixed it. It’s a whole article in itself just to understand good research. Remember it’s not something you do once and forget. Many in the pandemic thought their businesses were over and I was able to help them pivot and create new products and services and find new people to sell to. One businesswoman went from an average sale price of £9.95 to £995 in 3 months with my guidance. Understanding trends and how they impact you is vital. Even consider fashion and publications like this one or Vogue to understand the changing face of consumer’s needs.

5. Plan. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” It’s amazing how many talented brilliant women I see (many already have businesses) who have poor plans. I encourage clients and INsiders to have 2 plans;

· An in-depth understanding of every aspect of your business. Your mission statement, your goals (short term, long term) your products and services, your competitors, your routes to market, your communication style, your brands meaning, your limitations, your concerns, your everything! You should be able to hand that document to anyone and they understand every fibre of your business.

· Then you need a working put on the wall document. The business plan often gets hidden under a pile of work. So have a 1-page document that makes your brain instantly know the what, why, how, when, where, which, etc. It should motivate you every day to stay focused and accountable!

6. Testing, testing, testing. The savvy business owner is always analysing and assessing what works, what doesn’t, what can be replicated (to make business better) and what needs to be ditched. It’s a good rule to carry through every aspect of your life, right?

7. Network = sustainability, training, motivation, ideas, advice, growth growth growth. But be cautious. Anyone can make a good looking brand with social media nowadays; it doesn’t mean they can help you grow your empire. I see someone every week, who has invested thousands of pounds in programmes/coaches/gurus/retreats/courses etc before they’ve come to me. They feel deflated and like a failure because that shiny thing never worked. Many say that within weeks £25 a month had grown their business. Build a high-quality network and go for advice and support but always ask for proof, what guarantees you get and what protection do you have?

8. The boring stuff. Don’t scrimp on legal requirements. You open yourself to risk, fines and look unprofessional. Even a Gmail account could damage your ability to launch a business. (I’ve even seen people be give advice on social media that was illegal and could cost an instant £400 fine for using personal data!)

Which leads me on to the BIG Thing you must accept to excel in a new business venture (and life)….

You don’t know what you don’t know you need to know and often you find out the stuff you don’t know when it’s too late.

That in a nutshell is why I launched my second business The INsiders, in 2009. While I was excelling at being a coach (I was at the Home Office, Department of Trade and Industry, on national TV and winning many awards both regionally and internationally.) I made a lot of mistakes to get there! I wanted to create a safe no question is stupid environment where everyone could get what they want and need to succeed in their own business journey.

15 years on as a best-selling author, inspiring people around the world. I can assure it’s the best thing I ever did!

You are welcome to get in touch with any questions and of course join my business growing community.