It’s autumn, and besides the beautiful landscapes that are revealed before our eyes, there are still many occasions for joy during this time. Namely, the beginning of the season of artistic events. One of them is the new exhibition LET`S LOOK in the gallery of contemporary art – Sofia, located in Arena di Serdica hotel.

Miglena Savova-Auclair is a contemporary Bulgarian artist who has been living and working in Geneva for the last 15 years. She studied art history in Geneva, but for her specialisation she decided to return to Bulgaria, receiving a master’s degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Veliko Tarnovo University “St. Cyril and Methodius”. She has 18 solo and numerous collective exhibitions in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, USA, New Zealand and Switzerland. Miglena has her own studio for restoration and spatial design, as well as a specialised art school of art. In 2017 she opens space for exhibitions of contemporary world art BLITZ art portrait in Geneva. (

LET`S LOOK is a creative concept that vividly and vitally represents the artist Miglena Savova-Auclair. This is her first solo exhibition in Sofia for the last years. It has an extremely distinctive handwriting, with a bright presence of the dynamics in the colors and rhythm in her paintings.

The painting of anonymous people can express the universal state of human emotions. The selection of the human face as a theme is provoked by the interest of the artist, Miglena, to her personality and reactions, as our society is increasingly standardised, very close to the descriptions of George Orwell in his 1984 novel.

The theme for the faces also expresses the general disappointment in our time when there is overproduction of the selfies, and even more strongly emphasizes the increasing loss of identity, or in other words “… everything that is too much is uninteresting …”.

The artist skillfully looks for the identity of the individuals through the provocation of elements, in the case of cigars, and this act is also a kind of socially active interaction with specific messages. Smoker’s image varies according to geography, culture and time. That is why the concept of the exhibition is to search for the sealing of those who carry the spirit of time and space, as well as the emotion of a characteristic social act – communicative smoking.

The exhibition is organised by the association “So close, so far” and the Gallery for Contemporary Art – Sofia, with the support of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad. The breathtaking exposition can be seen at the opening on October 23, 2018 from 18:00 and it will be in the gallery until 25 December 2018.