The biggest failure is to decide you have succeeded, says Ines Subashka, the founder of IFS.
By Asen Nedyalkov

There is a particular type of person who is very creative and can achieve everything they want, but only when they set their own goals. If someone else tells them what they should or should not do, they become completely passive. Ines’s company IFS (Inspired Fit Strong) is created precisely from this rule by its founder Ines Subashka – “my limits are my inspiration”. IFS offers a full training programme and nutrition regime for a healthy lifestyle, and Ines is a conditioning coach, author and entrepreneur.

“Sport has always been a part of me, my parents were always physically active,” said Ines.” My father is my role model and, when I was little, I wanted to be like him. He was a former basketball player and although he didn’t want me to play basketball, a person can’t escape from what he is and from what he has inside.’’

IFS is simply the natural progression of Ines’s passion for movement and her desire to help people improve their way and quality of life. Of course, everyone’s goal is to achieve the perfect lifestyle. “What is good for a person and a certain stage can be extremely insufficient for someone else – and vice versa. The balance is to discover your inner centre and know what you want to achieve” explains Ines. She thinks the best thing is for everyone to discipline the mind, but always to listen to the body – the two must go hand in hand. Otherwise, we lose the balance.

Cooking is an art
Proper nutrition is as important as movement for a healthy lifestyle. And Ines is an exceptional cook. She says she has such amazing results because she perceives culinary skills as an art. “I certainly love to prepare healthy desserts, although I do not abuse their consumption. I like healthy Afoods that are compatible with my daily menu and not calorie bombs that are supposed to be healthy. Sometimes it is better that you eat a few chocolate pieces instead of “healthy cake” she said. Ines’s basic principles for smart shopping are to avoid the middle ranks of the supermarket and stick to the periphery. We need to buy food which is as close as possible to its natural condition – such as fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and fish. Do not buy a lot of packaged food and overall, if you can’t find it in nature, limit it. Although she is an ambassador for a healthy lifestyle, Ines is not someone who will recommend you to buy food with an ’Organic’ label. “I do not think that one has to shop only from a BIO store to eat healthily. There are many budget options for healthy eating, and in the long run this perspective comes out cheaper. When you are healthy, you are productive and you earn more. A healthy lifestyle pays us back in every sphere of our lives.” The more the world moves away from nature, the more humanity suffers.

The true path – Difficulties, Ups and Downs
Ines is a coach who sincerely believes in her clients, never makes them feel bad and helps them to believe in themselves. When they do, they have already triggered the process. “I would not say I am doing something secret. I’m just real, and I’m myself. I don`t put on a mask and don’t try to show that I’m perfect. Sometimes, one has to believe he can, so he can make the necessary efforts.“
Ines’s advice for beginners is to always begin the change with the help of a professional. When you have good foundations, then you can build up, or mix different approaches together. The opposite is like trying to read Dostoevsky, without knowing the alphabet – it will not work.
Ines is genuinely perplexed when someone says he has to sacrifice something from his dynamic daily life to get into shape. “Sacrifice is a strong word, which we use too often. Is it a sacrifice if you give “x” money to buy new clothes or an apartment? No, most people accept it as an exchange for something better. Why sacrifice to take care of your body? That’s a simple effort that has multiple returns.” She never stopped developing herself. Today she can do things she couldn’t even imagine before. She continues to look for exercises that challenge her and she believes that one should always strive for more.

If you decide that you have succeeded, then failure begins to breathe down your neck
Besides being a role model for many people, Ines is an example of an extremely well run startup business. What would she recommend to young companies that are currently trying to win their place on the Bulgarian market? “One has to pay the price of success and usually it is in perseverance and everlasting enthusiasm even when others do not accept who you are. Few people believed in me when I started and it was extremely difficult, but I was lucky enough to do what I love and to find the strength to not give up because of other’s opinions .
Ines works mainly in Bulgaria, but also online with many clients who live the United States, Europe and Australia.