By Ines Subashka, personal trainer and certified nutritionist:

1. No excuses!

People in business know that when you look for opportunities, you find them. To be successful, you have to stop thinking why you can’t or have no time.

2. Schedule your exact days and times to take exercise

Take it as an hour’s work and don’t arrange any appointments during this time.

3. Start with breakfast – prepare yourself something healthy at home, for example a healthy pancake, oatmeal with yoghurt, nuts and fruit; or eggs with avocado and vegetables.

4. Moving includes more than just training – climb the stairs and every two hours if you are sitting, straighten and move – stretch, do a few lunges and a few squats.

5. Do not miss out an afternoon snack. It will give you energy and will help you not to starve. Take a box of cottage cheese, fruit and some nuts; a protein shake, or a spoon of tahana and blueberries.

6. Do not stay too late on the computer – spend the last hour before bedtime away from the screen. This will help you fall asleep and it has a positive effect on the release of hormones.

7. Park 10-15 minutes from where you need to be and walk the rest.

8. Use your lunch break to get out in the sunlight, do not spend the whole day in the office.

9. When you eat out choose non processed foods where possible.

10. Train your whole body, not muscle groups –  you will get a better hormonal response and you will have a great return in a short time.

Look out for more healthy living tips from Ines in the next issue of ‘Elysium’