author Claire-Louise Price


23 February 2023

Paola Minekov acknowledges the importance of networking in hercareer.

Talented artist and multimedia design-er Paola Minekov has lived in London

since 2008 and loves the capital’s vi-brant cosmopolitan culture. The city’s

contrast of the historic with the ul-tra modern energises and inspires her work.

Paola also draws on her artistic heritage fromher native Bulgaria, where her family stilllive. Her

father and mentor is the well known

sculptor Ivan Minekov. Paola fuses Bulgar-ian stylistics and artistic trends, which she

studied in Sofia, with the contemporary Lon-don art scene and the results are stunning.

I cannot emphasise enough the importantrole that networking has played in my career’,

said Paola. ‘Each time I moved to a differ-ent country - I lived in Israel and The Neth-erlands before coming

to the UK - I built a life anew. I did this by being open to makingconnections and meeting new people.Then

when I moved to London and started to net-work formally, my career really took off!’


As well as creating opportunities to meet excit-ing people, networking has opened the doors to major artistic projects. Paola exhibited inthe first ever Faberge Egg Hunt, decorated the sponsor’s elephant for the Intu Elephant ParadeNational Tour, and led the creation of a studentcommunity mosaic mural at London’s Instituteof Education.

‘I am really enthusiastic aboutthe power of networking and am confidentthat IBA can help Bulgarian businesses make abigger impact on a broader canvas,’ said Paola.

Paola hopes IBA.Bulgaria will also help young people nurture their personal and professionaldevelopment by offering them an easy 

way of connecting with the right people, in any indus-try, who could help them at the beginning of

their careers. One of Paola’s personal ambitionsis to promote Bulgarian art at international level

and says,

I am confident that IBA will be bril-liant at helping achieve this goal!’

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