05 March 2023
Over the past year I have had the opportunity to take a ‘gap year’ – when I was a student they hadn’t even been invented! I visited eight countries separately, for the first time going it alone, without family or friends. I travelled to Portugal, Madeira, South Africa, Antigua, Sicily,
23 February 2023
Paola Minekov acknowledges the importance of networking in hercareer. Talented artist and multimedia design-er Paola Minekov has lived in London since 2008 and loves the capital’s vi-brant cosmopolitan culture. The city’s contrast of the historic with the ul-tra modern energises and inspires her work. Paola also draws on her artistic
31 January 2023
It is a quiet morning in the rural countryside of the Tokushima district in Japan. Nestled in the green hills, the small town of Kamikatsu is slowly waking up. Walking down the sleepy streets one can’t help but notice the multitude of bags in front of the houses. They serve
20 September 2019
In the pilot issue of Elysium Business Magazine we introduced Atanas Valev, producer of Bulgarian yoghurt in the USA. His company has been in the local market for ten years, selling his Trimona brand in hundreds of grocery stores and supermarkets. By Aneta Nedyalkova Why can you define your yoghurt
16 August 2019
Interview with Iliyana Stavreva. By Iva Grigorova Why do you think communication has changed in recent years? Technology and digital have overhauled entire industries in the last couple of decades and communication is certainly one of them. Whereas before you used to rely on an intermediary – most often the
13 August 2019
On a hot summer day in the early 20th century a group of smartly dressed English gentlemen, led by the entrepreneur Tom Normanton from Brookside Mills, near Manchester, turned up at the factory of Ivan Hadzhiberov in Gabrovo to check out who dared to compete with them in their best

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