23 February 2023
Paola Minekov acknowledges the importance of networking in hercareer. Talented artist and multimedia design-er Paola Minekov has lived in London since 2008 and loves the capital’s vi-brant cosmopolitan culture. The city’s contrast of the historic with the ul-tra modern energises and inspires her work. Paola also draws on her artistic
20 October 2019
This internationally renowned sculptor is a contemporary master of Modernism Ivan Minekov represents the rich and diverse tradition of Modernism in contemporary sculpture. Born in Bulgaria, he’s a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu in Bucharest, Romania. A student of Paul Vasilesku, Ivan Minekov quickly distinguished himself
25 September 2019
If there is a fiery woman, it is Lyudmila Abadjieva.Finesse and laughter are the words that describe her best. We find her in Hawaii where she manages the entire catering of the officers’ club in United Pearl Harbor Base and Hickam. Bulgarian greetings from 12,831 kilometers. By Lyudmila Abadjieva When
12 September 2019
“I started out as a child with a hobby, but even then I wanted to make things perfect” Ivelin has tried many jobs - a bartender, a driver, a trader, a businessman and a journalist. When he joined a media team, he realised he had once again discovered “the scene”.
16 August 2019
Interview with Iliyana Stavreva. By Iva Grigorova Why do you think communication has changed in recent years? Technology and digital have overhauled entire industries in the last couple of decades and communication is certainly one of them. Whereas before you used to rely on an intermediary – most often the
22 July 2019
Lubo Sergeev is the founder and owner of Studio Sergeev ( and has over 18 years’ experience in advertising, retouching and commercial image output. He has won the “Victoria” prize, the equivalent of an Oscar statuette in the world of photography. His conceptual frames really advertise Bulgarian talent in the

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