The moment you pick up the pilot issue of the new business magazine “Elysium”, what you are actually holding is a network of people – colleagues, friends, partners. Thanks to them, it was possible for this edition to appear.

Personally, the preview issue of “Elysium” is another proof of the power of contacts and communication for every business and every creative process. Working late and knowing that many more people around the world are still awake too, enthusiastic about the idea you are working on together in the early morning hours, is perhaps one of the most rewarding human experiences.

With unprecedented pride and a certain amount of awe, we present you our new website which compliments our printed publication. We want not just to be a valuable business magazine. We want to be your friend and partner – by opening the pages of “Elysium” we want you to find useful ideas, modern trends, excellence, new challenges. We want you to create a business, and to develop projects. To travel. To meet talents and artists. Be inspired. Be part of charity initiatives. To learn. Search for and find. To be connected!

Only with your active support we can create “Elysium” as we have dreamed of it – the place where all ideas and adherents of IBA.Bulgaria meet. So – write to us, share, offer! We will further develop and enrich the topics we present in this pilot issue. Every spring and autumn you will have a publication with articles related to inspiring business projects, new educational and career opportunities, and exclusive expertise from around the world which will give direction to new thoughts and ideas.

I thank the founders of IBA.Bulgaria for trusting me!

Thanks to all the authors and the whole team – for me the feeling of belonging to all of you is invaluable!

“Elysium” is here. Live it with us!

Aneta Nedyalkova


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