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The scent of roses in central Lоndon

A first for Bulgarian roses as they make their appearance in Soho’s Golden Square. By Boyko Boev When you arrive at Piccadilly Circus, you are in the heart of the West End of the City of Westminster. You will notice the city going about its business and all the...

Music and charity

By Asen Nedyalkov and Monika Obracaj The idea for the first alliance for international business with a Bulgarian connection is linked to the mission of creating a community, uniting all Bulgarians around the world so that we can create, work and build a future with...

The Pavement of Glory

Hollywood is home to many talented Bulgarians who contribute to its film industry. By Velin Paskov Writing about Bulgarians in Hollywood is a complex task. There are so many of them, it’s almost as if you are trying to describe every yellow paving stone in Sofia. They...

Travelling with Purpose

Travelling with Purpose

As a photographer, one of my dreams was always to connect with local people. By Kristina Kashtanova My first experience in positively impacting someone from a different culture was when I was a journalism student in London and I sponsored a child in Guinea-Bissau...

The Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer’s Journey

Interview with Iliyana Stavreva. By Iva Grigorova Why do you think communication has changed in recent years? Technology and digital have overhauled entire industries in the last couple of decades and communication is certainly one of them. Whereas before you used to...


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