Our digital footprints

What does our online behaviour reveal? Who is interested in it and why? Are we witnessing the birth of a digital Big Brother? Will the ever growing pool of online data help improve our lives? Vesselin Popov, Director of Business Development at Cambridge University’s Psychometric Centre (a multidisciplinary research institute specialising in online behaviour, psychological

The outsourcing in Bulgaria – an alternative for young people

With the continous development of communication technologies, it is no longer a problem to build information bridges between countries around the world. This removes barriers and gives the chance to international companies to be innovative and flexible. In recent years, Bulgaria has become an excellent opportunity for many companies whose activities are related to outsourcing

IBA.Bulgaria launch event

“Networking is an essential part of building wealth.”, Armstrong Williams In these days of constantly evolving communications technologies, we find the moments we get a chance for ‘face to face’ conversations with old and new friends increasingly valuable. The founders and team of the International Business Alliance.Bulgaria had the honour and pleasure to welcome over

Birth of a Network

Miroslav Bogdantsaliev saw a clear need for help with local business knowledge when entering foreign markets. Miroslav Bogdantsaliev arrived in the UK in 2000 and initially engaged independently with various building projects. His boldness of thought and intuition in finding new challenges to overcome gave him the impetus to create his first company Avalon Building and