Camelicious milk

Bedouins used it in their traditional nutrition.It offers all the proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates required to face the harsh desert life. Today, however, camel milk is not yet a well-known and widespread product, despite its exceptional qualities
By Dayana Belovezhdova

Camel milk is low in fat and has five times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. It is rich in different amino acids and has a higher percentage of iron, calcium and zinc. It does not cause protein allergy and is beneficial for people who are intolerant to lactose. It is rich in probiotics, anti-oxidantes and is easily absorbed by the body. Researches show that regular consumption of camel milk in type I diabetes results in a significant reduction in the dose of insulin. It is recommendable in cases of gastrointestinal diseases and aliments, colitis, Crohn’s disease, breast cancer, liver cancer, hepatitis, tuberculosis, autism and many others. Camel milk contains a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, helps reducing cholesterol and the healthy cardio-vascular functioning.

It is the closest form of milk that we have access to besides human milk and because of that its consumption is acceptable for all age groups and it actively attacks the autoimmune diseases.

The use of camel milk is already taking over the cosmetics industry. Camel milk contains a good amount of Lanolin and other natural moisturizing assets, providing a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Research shows that camel milk has beneficial properties on treating psoriasis patients, by both ingestion and topical application.

Camel milk carries naturally occurring antiaging properties such as Elastin, vitamin C and Lanolin, which can be used topically in creams, soaps and baths. Camel milk supports the development of healthy bones, nails, hair, teeth and skin due to calcium, other minerals & vitamins. The natural pro-biotic features of camel milk assist the healthy bacteria growth within the gut and support a healthy and un-bloated digestion.

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