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Inspiring A Healthy Lifestyle

The biggest failure is to decide you have succeeded, says Ines Subashka, the founder of IFS. By Asen Nedyalkov There is a particular type of person who is very creative and can achieve everything they want, but only when they set their own goals. If someone else tells...

Honey and Healthy

Honey and Healthy

It’s a great pleasure to share with you a conversation with Velislava Dimitrova, one of the lucky winners of our one-month promotion IBA Christmas Calendar. Velislava Dimitrova has a platform for stimulating a healthier life called Honey and Healthy. The site also...

Charity Bal ”Stoyan Kambarev”

Charity Bal ”Stoyan Kambarev”

Art Foundation ‘’Stoyan Kambarev’’, whose mission is to discover and support Bulgarian artists on the Bulgarian and international stage, organises second charity ball in London on November 18, 2018 at 7 pm - one of the most-expected Bulgarian cultural events, which...


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