Birth of a Network

Miroslav Bogdantsaliev saw a clear need for help with local business knowledge when entering foreign markets.

Miroslav Bogdantsaliev arrived in the UK in 2000 and initially engaged independently with various building projects.

His boldness of thought and intuition in finding new challenges to overcome gave him the impetus to create his first company Avalon Building and Decorating Contractors Ltd in 2005. Miroslav does not set limits, allowing clients’ dreams to happen, yet his projects are delivered to precise specifications and without compromising on quality. This is the basis of the dynamic development of his incredibly fast paced company. Today, Avalon has won a number of prestigious awards including Build magazine’s ‘Construction Top 50 Awards 2016’ in Southeastern England, ‘Defining the World 2016’ and ‘Interior Design Best of 2016’.

More recently, Miroslav has participated in new business projects in the field of construction, real estate and investment.

Miros Bogdantsaliev, Co-founder and Director of Elysium Magazine and IBA.Bulgaria

The idea of ​​International Business Alliance.Bulgaria was born as a result of Miroslav’s numerous contacts with Bulgarian companies willing to sell their products and services in the UK. He saw a clear need for help with local regulations and market specifics.

“I see opportunities for Bulgarians in business around the world, and their foreign partners, to present themselves as effective, successful and dynamic,” said Miroslav. “People know the conditions of the particular market where they work and can help others with their experience and knowledge. Our ambition is not only to connect the businesses of our compatriots but also to support the ideas of cultural industries, help charitable foundations, encourage young people in their professional aspirations, and emphasise the importance of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.”

Not only Bulgarian companies but also foreign companies welcome the ideas of International Business Alliance.Bulgaria and accept this new channel as the modern and intelligent way of communication, business development, promoting new ideas and projects, sharing talents and opening new opportunities at a global level.

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