Art Award “Stoyan Kambarev” – third nominee

The young artist winner of the Art Award “Stoyan Kambarev” will be announced on 30th April.

Winners are chosen by the designated jury, constituted by members of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation – leading names from the cultural and social life of Bulgaria, headed by the Founder and Chairman of the Foundation Board DessyTenekedjieva.

We have a pleasure to present you one young lady – the third nominee for the 2018 Art Award “Stoyan Kambarev”:

VICTORIA GEORGIEVA – MOUSE – painter, street art artist

Appreciated for her various activities across a wide range of visual arts, for her experimental approach to styles, techniques, materials and surfaces, for her brightly recognisable artistic footprint in the urban environment and the dedication to the mission to transfer her skills and her love for art to talented children in her own painting class.

“I find sense in the path. The road is colourful, saturated with inspiration, up and down, constant self-provocation. Alone and with others… Art is life itself. The ability to change. The ability to inspire.”

Pictures: Fondation “Stoyan Kambarev”

You can also see the other nominees:

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