Art Award “Stoyan Kambarev” – second nominee

The young artist winner of the Art Award “Stoyan Kambarev” will be announced on 30th April.

Winners are chosen by the designated jury, constituted by members of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation – leading names from the cultural and social life of Bulgaria, headed by the Founder and Chairman of the Foundation Board DessyTenekedjieva.

We have a pleasure to present you the second nominee for the 2018 Art Award “Stoyan Kambarev”:


ILKO ILIEV – freerunner, stuntman and MARIN KAFEDJIISKI – operator, photographer

The flying team is nominated for their magical combination of flight and art, fiction and reality, risky game and cinema in their 2D RUN video, which won a prestigious New York prize, for the effective interweaving and complementarity of their talents and the original design, approach and creative execution of their projects.

“We accept our mission to provoke, to give the chance to people to see our surroundings from very high … through a different prism and discover unsuspected stories.”

Pictures: Fondation “Stoyan Kambarev”

You can see the first nominee here.

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