Nikolay Bozhikov says he is like all of us – he has a heart and soul. Yet his life is different and much more difficult. He calls himself a “dreamer, struggling with all his forces,trying to survive the trials of life”. Literally. Niki suffers from a Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but even manages to joke, calling this diagnosis ‘’the cool illness.” He is in this condition since his birth. The desiese is  blocking all his muscles and over the years Niki becomes completely immobile. Nikolay is in a wheelchair since the age of 8th. In 2005, his breathing has deteriorated, which has since been supported by a machine. He loses his voice. Nicki then stoped going out for 10 years. But some incredible power made him wants to fight for his life. Sam organizes a campaign with which he buys a special stroller with a breathing apparatus and gets his freedom again. Niki says that he is extremely grateful to good Bulgarians from home and abroad who helped him so that now he can enjoy his wonderful family and his recent 30th anniversary. His mother, father, sister, and two lovely nephews make him smile. Niki’s  connection to the world is  his one hand, one keyboard and one mouse wired to a computer, which gives him the chance to freely express himself. “Sometimes I feel like the lonelier man on the ground, and sometimes I’m the happiest one, but I guess a lot of people are like this. We are not machines. The most important thing I can say is that I am much stronger than the illness, which has failed to conquere my heart and soul and can not stop me from dreaming! “

There is enormous energy and positivism within you. From where do you get that charge? Do you have some kind of personal rule – for example: wake up every morning and say …?

I do not know exactly how this works, but that energy clearly comes from within, from my heart. I get charged and motivated by the people who manage to achieve great things. Also the love of my life without which I couldn’t go on, my favorite team CSKA, the meetings and conversations with my friends and the surrounding nature. I do not have a rule – I just know that life is worth living and every breath of air and every stroke of heart cost a million times more than gold. Even in my worst days I say: ‘’I’m going to sleep and I will get ready with fresh new forces for the new day, which hopefully will be better and bring me more smiles.’

One of your messages is that you want to make more dreams come true. What do you want to happen to you?

I find salvation in the dreams! I dream of being able to create a family – the most important and normal thing in the world. I want to have my own home, suitable and comfortable for my condition. I want to go out when I wish without caring about the stairs. Unfortunately, the situation in Bulgaria has forced me to dream endlessly without any results regarding medical services, visits by doctors or rehabilitation. I also dream to visit a lot of different countries, to see closely the beauties of the world, but a special car is also needed for this purpose. I flew a helicopter, but I need to raise the level by getting on an airplane. I want to see from very high our planet Earth, so I can be a step closer to flying in space. I would like to be able to observe the night sky as far as possible with the help of a telescope. I believe that all dreams can come true because nothing that you want so much can’t be impossible.

How does the world look like trough your eyes? Your city, our country?

The world is now a rather confused and not a easy place to live in, but there is hope for better times if there is still goodness in the hearts of people. I do not like the fact that material things and money have become the most important thing for us while  we think less about the power of the spirit. Because of work, responsibilities and problems, we sometimes forget to communicate, smile and be real people. Otherwise I like that the world is developing and new and useful for our future survival things are being invented.

My hometown Kalofer is a wonderful place that has kept our traditions over the years. Here is born Hristo Botev and his spirit is preserved – his great and struggling energy lives even in me and makes me not surrender. Also the nature here is divinely beautiful. It is bad that the city is developing slowly and it hasn’t yet reached 21st century. An initiative is needed – Kalofer is wonderful but somehow abandoned. There are few like our Homeland –  she is beautiful and yet we care so little about her. In our country, for example, people like me have hard lives, there are not enough accessible places, there is not enough help. I admit that there were times when I wanted to live abroad. But for me it would be difficult, and if everyone goes away, who will bring the change? I believe in my country, I love Bulgaria a lot, but I do not like our ignorance!

You write wonderfuly – inspiring, emotional and infectious!

Thanks for telling me that! I’m not doing something so impressive, just writing with my heart and trying to be always real. When I stayed home for almost 10 years, I had no idea what to do with my life. I wanted to use this old, dusty computer we had. At first I did not know I could write with it, i was just playing different games.  I did not even had Internet. I happened to find that there is a way to write with  a virtual keyboard and it somehow motivated me a lot! I dreamed of communicating with people on the Internet, in Bulgaria and around the world. It was hard for me, I was missing the letters all the time, but I was really motivated and had the strength to do it. I trained every day and then it became very easy. After having internet access, I started finding friends, which makes my days so joyfull. I can say boldly – that saved me from surrendering. It gets more and more tiring to write sentences because every day I have less and less energy, but I do not give up. It is worth writing.

You shared with me that you would like to work, be usefull for the others as well for yourself. How do you imagine your dream job?

I would very much like to work like everyone else and be independent, I don’t wish to take anyting for granted. Generally, I dream of working in a professional radio, being part of a team. I’ve tried runing an Internet radio, did it for almost 10 years, but on an amateur level. I already dream of a professional level. I really want to help develop my city with the help of music. I made a concert in Kalofer some time ago, but that’s a small part of my overall idea. I dream of organizing more concerts who will make my city famous. Kalofer is in the center of Bulgaria and can become the center of the Bulgarian musical scene or, more precisely, a center for innovative music ideas. A very ambitious project, but why not – there are no impossible things and everything is achievable. Through such an idea, I could also create a professional radio, sound recording studio, music club, and so on. It will also help my health, to be better, to afford the most necessary things. For now, it’s just an idea, but if I find people and sponsors to support me, I know that there may be a second, third, fourth concert very soon. This is how i will get closer to my goals and be useful! For the time being, I have only worked as a “dreamer”, but it is time for action and work.

For us you are the Ambassador of the Immeasurable Human Spirit. This is your calling, this is what you can give to others. A tremendous wealth. Where is hiding the magic of your power?

The question is quite complex, I have no exact answer. My explanation is that I have hidden power within me and it somehow emerges in difficult times. I believe everyone has this power, but not everyone can find it when he does not believe enough in himself. The magic may be that I have a huge will to live and that I want more and more no matter how I feel. I have managed to keep the good in me, I have not turn evil, I do not complain. I am a wander in  this land and I have always struggled. That’s what I do best. I have had many moments in which I simply can not stand – I have fallen, but then i’ve raised and became even stronger. I also realized that love is a great power and it helps me to see even more sense to live and fight for what the heart desires!

International Business Alliance.Bulgaria is an organization that aims to bring together all Bulgarians from all over the world. You reached to us and told us how wonderful this is. What would you like to say to such a large audience of compatriots from different parts of the world?

First of all, I would like to say that being able to turn to so many Bulgarians around the world is an honor and a great opportunity for me. I do not know how what I said will be accepted, but that’s my story. I hope that as many people as possible can unite so we can be a big family because then we will be much stronger. We live in difficult times and no one has an easy life, but there are things worth fighting for so you can find even greater sense to live for. We are scattered everywhere, but our people are the great Bulgarian people. I believe everyone misses Bulgaria, because there is our root. I am sure that if we are together, no matter where, we can make the world better. I believe I will find many friends among you and, with their help and the Internet, I will be able to travel around the world. I am proud of all of you, although I do not know you personally, but it is enough for me that you supported and will keep on supporting the Alliance’s idea, this wonderful union we need. Let’s more and more Bulgarians joins and let’s show that we can do it together and we can help each other. Success!